Affordable support, giving you peace of mind

We like to make good software, to support this development we offer partner plans. These plans offer you peace of mind by having direct contact with our developers in case you need help and offers an all in one hosting and backup solution!

On top of that you will become our partner, giving you the choice in what we need to build next!



Open source core
No support
No hosting



Basic modules
up to 1000 students
up to 50 staff members
Virtual server
Workday email support



Basic modules
up to 7500 students
up to 100 staff members
Physical private server
Workday phone & mail support



All modules
unlimited students
unlimited staff members
Physical private server
24/7 Support

Completely free for non-profit institutions

Edurole is always under development and you can help. EduRole is free to use for any institution. All we ask in return is that you help us expand.

You can help us expand in two ways, the first method is by recruiting other institutions to also start using EduRole. The second is by helping us implement new functionality for the system.

Getting started

Step one: Download the latest version of EduRole or contact us to get the latest installation package and setup instructions, we will always be ready to assist you in setting up EduRole.

Step two: Migrate your current information, we have made migration scripts for various student information systems, for example OPUS college and Fedena. With our migration help you will be up and running in no time. If your institution still uses paper records we can help you plan the computerization of all information.

Step three: Test your system, now that EduRole is up and running with your institutions information we need to ensure that everything is set-up correctly.

Step four: Train your users, EduRole is built to have the lowest possible needed learning curve. The user interface is designed to be easy, after all, you have enough work already. However we have created a special course (1/2 day) to train staff and have easy to follow video instruction manuals coming soon.

We want to help

We love to travel, and we love to help other people, if your institution is interested in using EduRole please do not hesitate to contact us. If you cover our plane ticket and accommodation we will help you set up EduRole at your institution and train your staff to use the new system. Free of charge.